Online Training in Advanced Manufacturing of Cell and Gene Therapies

Producing CGTs requires tremendous expertise under good manufacturing practice (GMP) within cleanroom facilities, with a focus on product safety, quality and consistency.

With a recognized expertise in training development, CellCAN launched two e-learning paths and 20 e-learning courses!

Great news! Our training initiatives have recently been recognized under the NGen AmpUP program, which covers 50% of training costs for employees of NGen member companies. To see if you are eligible for these substantial savings, enquire with your employer. For full details, visit www.ngen.ca/upskilling.
Interactive hands-on training
Learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home
Test your knowledge through assessments and quizzes
Pass the exam and obtain your certificate of completion
Add to your HQP training file for regulatory compliance
Interact with experts and network with other trainees

Our vision is that cell & gene therapy manufacturing in Canada must operate under a common seal of quality to increase capacity and rapidly and effectively migrate innovative treatment concepts into standard clinical practice.

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Explore all the resources we have available for you in the ‘’for patients’’ section to learn about cell & gene therapies, their potential, the hype and what you need to know to make safe decision about your health.


The road to develop and access new therapies can seem long, especially when you are inflicted by a condition that is affecting your life. In this pamphlet learn why it is the case and how it is keeping you safe.

Stem Cells 101

In this pamphlet, learn about the basics of stem cells: what they are, what you need to know about them and their potential and what to be mindful of when you hear their name in the media.

Do you have questions about the development of cell & gene therapy for a specific disease? Looking for assistance to accomplish your research projects or clinical trial goals?

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