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Welcome to CellCAN's Helpdesk!

Do you have questions about your health, the health of a loved one, or how regenerative medicine and cell therapy may benefit you? Looking for assistance to accomplish your research projects or clinical trial goals?

We put the strength of our network at your fingertips.

Patients, Caregivers and General Public

We can help you :

  • Obtain access to comprehensive information on cell therapy and regenerative medicine;
  • Find quality information on the progress of stem cell research and its translation towards clinical treatments;
  • Distinguish what’s true and what’s not in the sea of available information on stem cell treatments;
  • Check the state of research for a specific condition;
  • Navigate clinical trial databases;
  • Equip yourself to talk to your doctor about the possibilities of stem cell treatments;
  • Gather and understand all the necessary information before undertaking any cell-based therapy.

You will also find on our website the documentation section with various information pamphlets.

  • Stem cells: what you need to know. The perfect pamphlet to learn the scientific basics surrounding these cells that we know hold so much potential.
  • Medical tourism: the potential dangers. This pamphlet includes critical information about the phenomenon to help you when you are offered the possibility of cell therapy treatment abroad. Beware of those who make bold promises that seem too good to be true!
  • From research to cell therapy: all you need to know. The path from research to approved therapy may seem long. Discover all the steps that are necessary to ensure the development of safe and effective therapies.
Our Webinar section also includes many extracts from educational lectures on various topics, as well as inspiring stories from patients receiving stem cell treatments.
We also organize events where you will be able to get in touch with our experts and ask them questions about this constantly evolving science. Stay tuned!

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