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CellCAN founding network affiliates

CellCAN founding network affiliates include five Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant facilities which accommodate clinical grade production of human cell and tissue products. Together, CellCAN facilities equate to 30 Health Canada compliant clean rooms, able to do state of the art research and to treat patients across Canada. Each facility relies on highly qualified personnel (HQP) that have developed a very specialized and defined skill set in order to produce, in a highly efficient and productive manner, the variety of cell products required by researchers from academia and industry.

CellCAN’s founding network affiliates include also two major research units in related areas or issues of ethics, law and regulation (ELR) and biotechnology. These research units allow and facilitate interoperability at the national and international levels, as well as the harmonization of ethics, law, and regulatory requirements.  They also provide unique services of technical development in bio-processes and bio-engineering to continuously improve the quality, pace and effectiveness of cell and tissue production.

Connect with a network of Canadian researchers, clinicians, regulatory experts and HQP from coast to coast, through our platforms, workshops and events.