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Stem Cell Network (SCN), founded in 2001, is pivotal in creating collaborative, multidisciplinary culture for stem cell research in Canada. It has supported seven Phase I and II clinical trials in stem cell and regenerative medicine research since 2008 using Government of Canada funding (approximately $5 million annually) and an equivalent amount from charities, provincial governments and industry. It is a member of the International Consortium of Stem Cell Networks that aims to unify international efforts to accelerate opportunities to make stem cell therapy a reality for patients and the public.


The Canadian Stem Cell Foundation is a privately funded, independent, registered charitable organization. As the national champion and advocate for stem cell research, the Canadian Cell Foundation works to align scientists, clinicians, industry, business and community leaders and the public to accelerate the development of new treatments and cures for devastating diseases. Long term, the Foundation’s success will not only save lives and reduce suffering, but it will also improve health care and create economic benefits for Canada. The Foundation is committed to realizing the stem cell promise for Canada and the rest of the world. 


The Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) is a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization of Research established in 2012. Its goal is to translate promising discoveries into commercially viable regenerative medicine products to accelerate the growth of the industry. It has formed an industry consortium of Canadian and international companies and has established three technical platforms to support stem cell science translation. CCRM also provides business support to its industry partners, conducts technology evaluation, helps bundle intellectual property into marketable products and engages venture capital sources. 

Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medecine (OIRM) builds on the strengths of OSCI as a network of scientific leaders and CCRM as a network of industry and business leaders. Following the official announcement of OIRM, OSCI began to wind down, allowing OIRM to integrate and align existing resources infrastructure for the overall benefit of Ontarians. 

ThéCell is a research network aimed at promoting translational research in cell and tissue therapy in the Province of Quebec.  

The Centre for Drug Research and Development is a national drug development and commercialization centre aimed to de-risk discoveries stemming from publicly funded research to create viable investment opportunities for the private sector. It is a fully integrated centre with the expertise and infrastructure to source, evaluate, develop and commercialize small molecules and biologic innovative technologies.

The Canadian Blood Services’ National Public Cord Blood Bank is a division which collects, manufactures and stores donated cord blood-derived stem cells for the treatment of any Canadian or international patient in need of a transplant. The Bank also provides biomedical researchers with cord blood-derived stem cells unsuitable for transplant for research purposes.

The Canadian National Transplant Research Program is a world’s first national research network that brings together solid organ transplant, hematopoietic cell transplant and donation, and critical care research communities from across the country.  

The Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer – Commercialization of Research (IRICoR) is a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) that supports the development of novel small molecules for stem cell expansion and new stem cell therapies.

The Health Charities Coalition of Canada (HCCC) is a membership-based organization that is dedicated to advocating for sound public policy on health issues and promoting high-quality health research. Apart from co-funding with the government on important health research initiatives, HCCC seeks to ensure that policy makers look to the Coalition for timely advice on major health issues affecting Canadians

Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization (OBIO) is a membership-based organization that is involved in developing an integrated health innovation economy for Ontario. Through advocacy, strategic leadership and collaborative partnerships, OBIO strives to become a global leader in the provision of health technology products and services.

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