A workshop not to be missed @TMM2018!

At the 2018 Till & McCulloch Meetings (TMM) in Ottawa, on November 12 from 11:20 am to 1:20 pm, join CellCAN for a unique workshop: Translational process validation: a multifaceted gem. This workshop will guide participants through the decision-making and the steps involved in translational proces...'

  • 26/10/2018

TMM 2017 - Breaking the mold: flourishing multicenter trials in Canada

(Contents are available in English only/Contenu disponible en anglais uniquement)  Some of the challenges and opportunities of multicenter clinical trials were addressed by the panel of experts: preclinical trial design, manufacturing and shipping logistics, ethics, regulatory and costs. Novemb...'

  • 13/12/2017

Bench to Bedside for Biotherapeutics (B3) Workshop

(Contents are available in English only/Contenu disponible en anglais uniquement) On October 5, 2017, the Clinical Translation Education Group (CTEG) held its first collaborative workshop in Toronto. Over 100 trainees were able to learn on the various opportunities and hurdles you can be faced wi...'

  • 08/12/2017


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