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Webinar series: Presenting CBS


Join CellCAN on December 13, 12PM EST, for a presentation by new CellCAN Network Affiliate, the Canadian Blood Services (CBS).

A presentation by Nicholas Dibdin, BSc, MLT, PMP, Associate Director, Stem Cells Operations

Canadian Blood Services operates a stem cell program that supports better outcomes for patients living with diseases and disorders that can be treated with stem cell transplants. They collect, manufacture and distribute cord blood stem cells through their national, public cord blood bank and cord blood for research program. They manufacture and distribute autologous stem cells through their stem cell manufacturing facilities in Ottawa & Edmonton. They operate a robust national registry of cord blood units and potential adult stem cell donors, participating in an international network of registries. They provide HLA typing services to ensure the best possible matches between those willing to donate stem cells and those who need them.

This webinar will allow participants to learn more about:

  • SOP portfolio development

  • Issues implementing these SOPs at various sites

  • Standardization of cold chain transport and other shipping-related issues

  • Validating procedures/equipment


  • 13/12/2018

Breaking Bottlenecks – The Training, Development, and Staffing Challenge


Lack of highly qualified personnel (HQP) is repeatedly cited as a bottleneck hindering the growth of the cell and gene therapy industry. In 2018, the ISCT Early Stage Professionals (ESP) Committee conducted a Job Market survey of early stage professionals (those within 10 years of their terminal degree) with the goal of gathering information from trainees on their experience entering the cell and gene therapy workforce. The ESP Committee has partnered with CellCAN to broaden the scope of the survey and gather and disseminate data on the training gaps identified by both employers and employees across academia and industry. Join ISCT and CellCAN for an interactive session featuring live polling, Q&A with expert panelists, and a robust discussion on how the ecosystem can collaborate to address the training challenges holding back the field of cell and gene therapy.


When?  September 13, 2019 from 5PM to 6PM

Where? Plenary Hall, ISCT North America Regional Meeting

Registration deadline:  N.A./For all ISCT attendees

More information on the ISCT Regional Meeting here. 

  • 13/09/2019

Current Trends in Biotherapeutics - CTEG's 3rd annual workshop


The Clinical Translation Education Group composed of BioCanRx, CCRM, CellCAN, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR), Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine (OIRM) and Stem Cell Network, will be hosting a one-day workshop on current trends and innovations in cell and gene therapy with an emphasis on disruptive technologies. It will be aimed at trainees and other professionals in the biotherapeutic space and will introduce new tools and strategies that are shaping where the biotherapeutic field is headed. Importantly, the Workshop will provide an opportunity to network and learn about careers in these areas.


When? September 27, 2019

Where? Downtown Toronto

Travel award deadline?  July 31, 2019

Registration deadline? September 13, 2019


More information here. 

  • 27/09/2019

Webinar Series - Mastermind session: How to translate your research into a clinical application, Dr. Denis Claude Roy


Dr. Denis-Claude Roy of the CETC will give advice on writing clinical trial applications. The CETC produces cellular therapy products for a variety of clinical trials that are currently underway. However, in order for these trials to proceed, they must first be approved by Health Canada. Dr. Denis-Claude Roy will give a lunchtime webinar on tips and tricks for writing a clinical trial application, including common sticking points and how to take your research from the lab to the clinic.

Join us at 12PM. 


Register here.

  • 17/10/2019

How to Define iPSCs Quality Standards - Canadian and International Perspectives


November 4, 2019 at 11:50AM in the Montréal 2&3 Conference room, at the Till&McCulloch Meeting in Montréal.

This workshop will feature the critical quality attributes required for iPSC-based research projects to meet clinical grade specifications for cGMP manufacturing and lot release. Emphasis will be placed on process validation and standard operating procedure development needed to standardize quality control (QC) of iPSC production. These modifications can improve laboratory efficiency, increase experimental reproducibility, and optimize manufacturing scaleability.

Speakers will describe their ideal QC workflow based on real case studies. International consensus-built QC guidelines will be compared with those developed here in Canada. Canadian and international perspectives from the Montreal Neurological Institute and the Global Alliance for iPSC Therapies will be presented and discussed.

Dr. Thomas Durcan, Associate Director, Early Drug Discovery Unit (EDDU), Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital (The Neuro), Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, McGill University

Dr. Stephen Sullivan, International Liaison Officer, Global Alliance for iPSC Therapies (GAiT)

  • 04/11/2019

(SOLD OUT) Good Manufacturing Practice Workshop


The number of good manufacturing practice (GMP) facilities is growing in Canada with the rapid progressions in cell therapy. This has created a need for well-trained highly qualified personnel (HQP), as working under GMP conditions and requirements for GMP manipulations are regulated and quite different than in standard research laboratories. In this course, the attendees will learn the essentials of GMP requirements from experts illustrated by several experiences from actual clinical trials. The workshop is a mixture of lectures and hands-on training. Participants will actually perform manipulations according to the GMP standards. Moreover, attendees will have the chance to experience the workflow in a GMP facility and learn how a GMP cell therapy facility is organized. The ongoing regulatory review and what to expect will also be presented and discussed.

When? November 17-18-19, 2019

Where? Centre d’Excellence en Thérapie Cellulaire (CETC) at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital

Registration deadline: October 25, 2019

More information here.

  • 17/11/2019

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