Our training offer

Founded in 2014, CellCAN has trained over 250 highly qualified personnel (HQP) and offers unique training on GMP manufacturing throughout Canada. We educate users on why, when and how to engage GMP manufacturing centres in the process of creating a clinical product.

Our network of cell manufacturing facilities (CMF) allows us to tap into world-class expertise, provide unique training opportunities, and offer hands-on learning experiences. CellCAN brings together Canada’s leading experts in regenerative medicine and cell and gene therapy (RMCT) and gives our trainees the opportunity to network with them.

In 2017, CellCAN helped create the Clinical Translation Education Group (CTEG), which is dedicated to providing research trainees and investigators with information and tools to bring new discoveries and therapeutics from bench to clinic.

CellCAN can provide you with training on:

  • GMP manufacturing and regulatory compliance
  • SOP development
  • Validation processes
  • Canadian regulatory frameworks
  • And much more

Here is a sample list of training sessions that we have offered or co-led with our partners:

  • Bench to bedside for biotherapeutics (CTEG)
  • Breaking the mould: flourishing multicentre clinical trials in Canada
  • Never underestimate the cost of cell and tissue manufacturing
  • 2019 GMP workshop (in partnership with C3i), CETC, Montreal
  • 2017 GMP workshop (in partnership with the Stem Cell Network), CETC, Montreal

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Connect with a network of Canadian researchers, clinicians, regulatory experts and HQP from coast to coast, through our platforms, workshops and events.